Cinnamon System Sounds

My sound has been working perfectly fine on EndeavourOS, except for the lack of Cinnamon system sounds. After a couple of failed attempts to find the answer to this problem, I finally located it in the ArchWiki.

All I had to do was:

yay -S mint-artwork

Note: There was a conflict with lightdm packages, but lightdm appears to still work fine. I had a problem with the webkit greeter theme I was trying to load (glorious), but that may not be related. I use sddm anyway, and that was unaffected.

Restart Cinnamon

I spent way too long looking for this shortcut today. Lots of people suggest Ctrl+Alt+Backspace, the traditional X restart combination, but it doesn’t work for me in Cinnamon. Others suggest CLI methods, which is fine, but not what I was after. I knew there was a shortcut that reloaded the desktop without interrupting anything running.

Ctrl+Alt+Esc is the one that does this.

Thanks to a downvoted answer on this thread.

Customizing Cinnamon window buttons

I decided to daily-drive Cinnamon for a while. It’s been good to me so far, but I was missing one option that I was used to from other environments.

Apparently, Cinnamon used to have options for customizing window buttons in the settings, but it was removed in Linux Mint 19.3 (theoretically for the reason of simplifying the options). So we can change whether the buttons are on the left or right side, but we can’t add or remove individual buttons.

I personally like to remove the maximize button. I’ll have to install dconf-editor to do it. Should I keep explaining how to install stuff? Is anyone reading these?


pacman -S dconf-editor

If you’re using Mint (or another Debian-based distro):

sudo apt install dconf-editor

Once installed and launched, the path in dconf-editor is:
org / cinnamon / desktop / wm / preferences / button-layout

Click on that and go down to the bottom. Untoggle “Use default value” and set the “Custom value.” Think of the colon as the title in the center. In my case, the text to use was “:minimize,close” because screw the menu button as well.

Thanks to this thread in the Mint forums.

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